I've been thinking about how I keep track of changes requested by clients, outside of project work. Since I maintain websites I've built as well as websites I inherited and host, I often get requests for minor changes, fixes or updates.

The problem I have with these is that they tend to arrive either via email, phone call or even via Messenger and then I lose track of these requests - because these tools were not designed for tracking changes.

When I'm working on a project, I will have a Trello board set up for that project with all the tasks as cards, either for me or for the client - but only I have access to this board, the cards for the client are usually just things I expect the client to provide, i.e. assets etc.

I use a to-do app on my phone for personal tasks, i.e. pay car tax. But should I also use this for freelance tasks? I don't like the idea of mixing my personal and business tasks.

What should I do?

Should I get into the habit of logging those requests into a Trello board for non-project based work or should I introduce some sort of bug/task management application that will allow my clients to log any issues that require my attention themselves?

Would my clients actually use it - we're talking about small business owners, who are busy running their business and it's easier for them to just email or call.

I wondered whether Trello is the right tool for my clients, web developers and designers get how to use Trello - but do other people? I'm going to do a trial run with one of my clients - he is one of those clients that aren't afraid to try new technologies.

I've created a Trello board for his website and will search through my emails and find the things he has asked me to do and add them as cards to the board - then I will invite him to have a look around and see if he can create a card himself.

How do you manage your non-project based tasks? Have I missed something obvious or am I over complicating things?

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