I’ve decided that 2016 is the year I start writing regular blog posts - and I just about made it, 2017 is just around the corner. I’ve never properly done it, I’ve written a few posts for my business websites’ blog but they came once in a blue moon - not good, I know.

Why Now

Some say that blogging is no longer relevant, but for me, I want to use it to improve my writing and also to document what I learn as a front-end developer, maybe rant and ramble now and again. That’s it, I’m not hoping for hundreds or thousands of readers, I’d be happy with two. :)

What's the plan?

So over the years I have read a lot! A lot of it goes in and doesn’t stick. So my plan is to take something I want to learn about, for example, Flexbox, read about it, play around with it, create some demos and write about what I have learned.

Simple right?

So this year I am going to learn JavaScript. So I will be writing about what I have learned, but I also want to play around with Flexbox, srcset, and loads of other exciting front-end techs. Exciting times ahead.

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