It's been another pretty uneventful week apart from all the wind we had here in the east - we lost yet another water butt.

This week I didn't do any JavaScript learning and I've not managed to continue reading any of the books I've started. Managed to make some more progress with my freelance project. Work-wise nothing much has changed or improved.

What went well


I finished a blog post and published it. I wrote Multiple blogs with Perch CMS'. A short blog post on how you can achieve having multiple blog posts on a website using the Perch CMS. It was also added to the Perchology newsletter. Yay, thank Clive.


Made some great progress on my current freelance project this week - the online shop for a charity client. Now that I am working from home three days a week, I can do some work before and after I start my contract job.

I created and styled a mini basket to go on the header of the website to show how many items a user has in their basket. Mostly finished styling the product list. I'm using the new CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox. Using grid for the listing of the products and flexbox as a fallback. Also, using flexbox to align the product title and a mini add to basket button side by side. Yay, no floats!

What didn't go so well


I've just finished my third week at my new contract and things still haven't improved. I barely have any work to do and the work I do have, it's a struggle to get any of it done. The DEV and QA environments are constantly going down and if that hasn't gone down then the CMS won't work.

I started looking for a new contract but I don't think I can leave. The recruitment agency I use only pays 30 days from the date they receive the first invoice - I won't get paid for another few weeks, if I get another contract, I may end up with another recruitment agency that also has a 30-day payment term. The reason this is a problem is that I have run out of funds and I still have to pay my corporate tax.

So I'm going to speak with the Web Development Manager about this and see how that conversation goes. I keep getting told that this isn't normal. Also, the other contractor finished on Friday - his contract had been extended for another three months but he quit last week.


Didn't do any learning this week because I've started working from home I'm spending more time working on my freelance work.


Fell off the exercise wagon again this week. I exercised on Monday, but On Wednesday my muscles were so sore I could barely walk. Also, I've now come down with a cold. I think I managed about a year and a half without getting a cold and now I'm back working in an office and I have a cold!

Articles I read this week

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