What went well


I managed to write a blog post this week and started a second one which is nearly ready to be published and they're both not personal! The hardest thing for me when it comes to writing is finding the time to write. I'm writing this on my phone while at the shops with my wife and daughter.


Made loads of progress on code academy's Introduction to JavaScript course. I've done a few Intro to JS courses so I can make sure I really understand the basics. This week I learnt about arrays, scope, conditional statements, and functions.


Made a tiny bit of progress with the shop but it a big milestone. The checkout flow works end to end. Whoop! I also started coding and styling the basket page.

Fixed Sublime Text

Well not really Sublime itself, but since I started using the Nunjucks templating language with Eleventy I found that the Nunjucks syntax was no longer available to install via Package Control. I found it on github and found out how to manually install it. But then it wasn't detecting when I was editing a file with an .njk extension. So I cloned the nunjucks-systax repo and edited the file, added njk as a string under filetypes. I then removed all references to the other nunjucks syntax installs and added my own git repo to sublime, installed it and IT WORKS!

This means I can stop using VS Code. I've been using it for a few weeks now and its good, but I prefer Sublime, I'm so used to it - I struggled to get on with Code.

What didn't go well


Work didn't start off great. I was hoping that after a week without any work I'd come in Monday and have work to do - but that wasn't the case. The QA environment still wasn't ready for the next lot of fixes to go in. Finally got the go-ahead on Wednesday after lunch. I could add the code for the bug fixes but I still wasn't able to see those changes on the front end.

The rest of the week was spent working on two big fixes across multiple sites. But I wasn't able to test any of my changes or hand over to QA for testing.

Fingers crossed I'll continue having work to do or I'm able to do the project work I was hired to work on.


Haven't done any exercise since I twisted my foot and ankle. It's felt weird not doing any exercise, which is a good thing. I plan on starting again next week.

Articles I read this week

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