This week has been a busy one - with the housework and a new freelance project.

There's been a lot of furniture moving around while the new carpets were fitted. While all this was going on I started working on a new freelance project - an online shop being added to an existing website using Perch CMS and the Perch Shop app.

It's been a long while since I built an online shop and this has been a slow start due to the lack of documentation and nothing seemed to work from the get-go.

I feel like my weeknotes have mostly been about personal stuff but that will change soon as I start a new contract on Monday.

What went well


As I mentioned I started a new freelance project - an online shop to be added to an existing website for a charity.

I've built a few websites using the Perch CMS and have also installed a few add-on apps, like a blog and members area. But with the shop app, it's not been as straight forward as with the other apps.

For a start, the documentation is a bit on the weak side and for me nothing working from the start.

Product listing worked, but product details and add to cart didn't work, it's been a very slow start. But with the help of the Perch slack channel and the forum I've got as far as seeing a shopping cart with items in it. Next stage is the checkout process.

What didn't go well

This website

I still haven't gotten any further with my website. I won't be able to get any more changes done to it for a while now I'm starting a new contract and with a freelance project in the side as well.


If you read my 2018 Year In Review post, you'll know I started the Joe Wickes 90 Day Plan. Well, it's taking longer than 90 days because of Christmas and my trip to Nottingham for New Adventures conference. Last week I got a pain in my shoulder, not during exercise, but a while after, so I stopped exercising for a few days, but I had a lot of furniture to move around.

Saturday I decided to get back to my exercise again and just at the end while running on the spot, my foot came down onto the bottom of the sofa and I twisted my foot and ankle really badly - so much so that I thought I had broken a bone. Exercise is bad for me!

Articles I read this week

Until next week - I'll let you know how my first week at my new contract has gone.

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