Another bank holiday week but it was a very busy weekend. Second week at my new contract. I'm really getting behind on week notes, so this week I have published two in order to keep up to date.


It was my second week at my new contract and it was a busy one. There were quite a few GIT related issues - even I had some. I wasn't able to push a brand up to the repo after I had rebased it, couldn't work out why then I remembered you're supposed to git push --force-with-lease if the branch already exists in the remote repo.

We've found that some of the developers IDEs where doing unexpected things when they were running git commands. One of the reasons why I prefer to use the command line for GIT is because at least if it goes wrong, I know what I did - with a UI, that's not always the case.

This was also the first time we've done a deployment to pre-production using the new workflow with GIT and an automated build pipeline.

I also spent some time studying CSS Grid and how it is being used on their website and I collected a load of notes ready to write some documentation on the process of adding new components to the component library.


What a busy weekend (another bank holiday) and this one was busy because we had a Fete in my village in Suffolk. I'm a Bawdsey Hall and Recreation Ground committee member - this means we look after those and also raise money for their upkeep. Every year we have a Fete and I help with setting up the tents and the tannoys and then run a stall and stay behind afterwards to put everything away.

Sunday afternoon I was at a neighbours birthday party, had a few pints and then had to go over to the recreation ground to help with putting the frames for the tents together - I'm so glad we had quite a few helpers this year!

Then, Monday - I was back on the field from 7 am to help set up the tannoys, then finished setting up the tents - again lots of helpers came back, so I mostly had to just walk around making sure they were being put together properly - these are very old tents and have had many 'modifications' over the year and people like to use mallets to force things together! Finished at 7 pm and had done over 20k steps.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been thinking a lot about my current work situation - I've been pondering this for a while now - but I finally came to the realisation that maybe its time to start looking at going back to permanent work.

I have applied for my first permanent job - it's for a company I've kept an eye on for a while now, but until recently they didn't consider remote workers, but now they do. It took me about a week to finish the application, I spent time writing a cover letter - something I've never bothered with before and I also spent some time answering their application questions.

It's a bit of a stretch - it's a Web Engineer position, which is not a job title I'd normally give myself, but the way the job was described, I feel I have a lot of transferrable skills that can be applied to that position. I'll let you know how I get on.

Meanwhile, I will continue with my current contract and will look to get a remote contract after this one.

I won't be just applying to every remote permanent job that I come across - I want to take my time and focus on finding a great fit with a company before applying. I've always struggled at permanent jobs because I hate office politics and companies that don't treat you like adults or companies that just hire "cogs for their machine".


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