This week started the handover process to my replacement at the Department for Education, as well as making a lot more progress to the prototype. Got a new contract lined up to start pretty much as soon as I finish my current one, which is a first and I have finally made nsome time to work on my own website.


Had a phone interview for a job I originally applied for some time in March. I hadn't heard back so just assumed they didn't want to see me, I then worked at Hoseasons and then the Department for Education - the recruiter was in touch last week to say they were still looking to hire but had delayed the hiring process until now.

So had the phone interview Wednesday morning (before work) and heard back from the recruiter on Thursday evening to say they'd like to offer me the 3-month contract. It's in Borehamwood, North London - so another new location for me and it means I will be staying away for the week during the contract again, but it close enough that I can drive there.

This is great news. I was hoping I'd get another interaction designer position within a government department but this contract sounds interesting. Will be working with a headless CMS which will be a first for me.

My replacement started on Wednesday and I've spent about half of my time showing them what's what and what I've been working on.

Really sucks to leave the project and team at a stage where we've now figured things out and we have a clear idea if what we need to deliver.

But I knew this was only a short (6 weeks) contact as they had already hired a full-time Interaction designer that would be starting in May.


Worked on my personal website and setup on Netlify while I'm developing, had some issues with ruby sass and grunt and package.json build commands, fixed by upgrading to node sass - because ruby sass is quite old and has been deprecated on Netlify. I was having issues with getting Netlify to run grunt and eleventy to build my website,

Spent some time trying to get 11ty, grunt and watching changes to work and without installing another npm module - I don't believe it's possible. I've just settled for running iTerm split into 3 panes one running eleventy --serve, grunt dev (watch etc) and another for git etc.

Have started working on converting existing projects pages into nunjucks templates.



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