Another short week notes this week due to a short week and a long bank holiday weekend that I spent with friends and family and no screens.


Spent another full week in Manchester working on with the Department for Education. Finished converting an alpha PHP prototype to the GOVUK Prototype kit. This prototype has two journeys for different users and I got the last of the two finished this week. Next week I can start working with the service designer to start making changes ready for beta testing.


Work on my current project is slowing down, just tying loose ends and waiting for the client to start testing and to give me a list of products. I asked for this list a while ago, the plan was that I'd have it for when I started coding the layout and the product details page, then I'd be working with real products - but this has not happened as planned.

Next week will mostly be testing and so more finishing touches. Plus any changes once the client starts testing it themselves.


Met up with Benjy Stanton for a coffee at Black Sheep in Manchester while he was visiting the Swirrl HQ where he has recently started working. Was great to finally meet up in real life.

We had friends staying with us for the entire Easter weekend which was great. Lots of eating and drinking, kids playing in the garden and the dog running around after them. Had our first BBQ of the year (like a lot of people I'm guessing because the weather was great).


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