This weeks 'weeknotes' is being posted a bit later than usual. I was supposed to write it on the train up to Manchester on Sunday evening, but I still can't get used to working on a laptop on the train.

Since returning my phone for repair and being reset to factory settings (I knew this was going to happen) I lost the podcasts I had subscribed to and the progress - I assumed it would have been backed up - but it wasn't. I've now signed up for an account with the Podcast Republic app I use, so this won't happen again and am back to listening to podcasts on my long commutes to Manchester.


This week was the first full week in Manchester and on the project - which means I took part in a long user mapping session and my first retrospective and show & tell of this project.

I spent most of my time that week, when not in meetings, rebuilding a prototype that was made in the Alpha stage of this project using the GOVUK Prototype kit - it was originally done in PHP.

The developers on the team have been helping me a lot with things like 'git rebase' and also learning to be a good collaborator - so I've been learning about how to do better commit messages.


This week I spent some more time on my current freelance project, getting near the end of this e-commerce website. So there are some tidy up changes I've been working on.

Things like showing a 'no-product-image' when the product doesn't have an image, styling the Pay with card (stripe) button and form, re-coded the static 'basket' page, so it uses the same code as the non-static version of the basket page.


Got to spend some time working on the garden this weekend, spent time with my children and I put together a new trampoline, also had to cut down a tree - its been almost horizontal since we moved here five years ago and we were told, its a splitting willow, so it needed to be cut down or it will fall.

It's been fine all these years, but because the trampoline was going under it, I couldn't risk it. But my chainsaw is still out of action, so I had to use a hand saw and cut it down about half way up - my son loved shouting timer as we pulled the tree down!


Finished re-watching The Office (US) this week - loved re-watching this again. I was a bit lost with what to replace it with, but have gone back to watching Straight Off the Boat - started watching it a long while ago, I just realised it is now on the 5th season.


I never know whether to start listening to an existing podcast from the beginning or just start with the latest podcast - with Shop Talk, theirs currently 356 podcasts to catch up on!


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