My first #weeknotes. I really like the idea of these - just like the yearly reviews - so why not a weekly review.

I’m hoping this will help me, not only with getting into the habit of writing but also make my weeks more productive as I look back and see what did and didn’t work well.

I also like the idea of sharing articles I’ve read each week - not strictly part of the weeknotes thing, but I’ve seen other people do it.

What went well


I delighted to say I have secured a 3-month contract, starting on Wednesday the 13th. This working for an agency based in Leicester. It will also be my first fully remote contract. This is something I wanted to achieve this year, in the hopes that it will make it easier to get more remote work in the future. I’ve also been wanting to work for an agency for a while now - very exciting.

Learning JavaScript

This week I finished reading JavaScript for Web Designers by Mat Marquis - it’s a great intro to JavaScript which has left me wanting more. I’m now reading Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke. I also finished the 20 free lessons on Learn JavaScript Online - I love how this has been done and I do plan on buying the rest of the lessons once I get more funds! I love that as part of it, there is a flashcards app - I found this very useful for recapping what I’d learnt. I’m now going through code academy’s Introduction to Javascript course.

What didn't go well

This website

This week I didn’t manage to do any work on my website. I’m currently converting it from PHP and CMS to a static site, using Eleventy as my static site generator. I originally built my site in PHP and used Perch CMS - this was done so I could use my site to test new Perch features that I could use on client websites, but I find I’m not doing any small freelance jobs at the moment and most likely won't - so I decided to learn something new and deep dive into Eleventy.

I’ve waiting to finish my site so I can start writing these weeknotes and blogging more, but I think its just been an excuse!

Articles I read this week

Let me know what you thought of my first weeknotes. Any suggestions are welcome!

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