Bit of a slow month. I started working on a Books section on my website and worked on a complex membership table build.


  • I spent some time building a complex membership table build and am planning a blog post about it. I was not able to replicate the designers vision 100% - I got pretty close. I wonder if other web designers would have solved it the same way.


  • I've renamed this section to projects, was freelance, but makes more sense to talk about side projects now that I'm not actively taking on new freelance work.

  • Since I took a deep dive into being more privacy-aware and wanting to own more of my content, I deleted my Goodreads a few years ago, ended up trying a few alternatives (better privacy) but then ended up using two services and sort of stopped logging books I'd read. So I've started adding a 'read' books section to my website.


  • One of my favourite hip hop/gangsta rap artists, Coolio, sadly passed away. I spent the day listening to his music.

  • I ended up visiting the local A+E with excruciating kidney pains which turned out to be kidney stones. I was sent for a CT scan which happened a few days after the hospital visit. It was confirmed I have kidney stones and now I am waiting to speak to or be seen by a urologist.

  • My daughter and I got new skateboards. I just got a new board; just moved my trucks and wheels to it. She got a complete skateboard. I attempted cutting my name into the grip tape but it messed up when trying to stick it down that it ripped, so I bought see-through grip tape instead so the blueish colour from the top of the board can be seen.

  • My youngest is still ill but doctors still don't know the cause. Quite a few trips to the hospital for blood tests and doctor visits.

  • Have added all the music I listed to this month - previously it was just podcasts but I'm not really finding the right time to listen to podcasts.

πŸ“Ί Watching

πŸ“– Reading

🎧 Listening

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