September flew by. Not much to report as it was a quiet month on the work and personal fronts. Launched a new client website and a got personal achievement too.


  • Still no luck on the job front, I'm now considering going back to permanent work
  • Finished the martial arts website I've been working on - check it out - Kuk Sool Won of Woodbridge - built using HTML CSS/Sass, Nunjucks and Eleventy, hosted on Netlify
  • I sent a proposal for a new client website - waiting to hear back on whether it is going ahead
  • Two potential leads, one I need to prepare a proposal for


  • 🎉 I completed the Couch to 5k program - YAY
  • Tried to continue running (Mon, Wed & Fri) and then do a HiiT in between runs, but my body still dislikes the intensity of a HiiT.
  • Now the weather is colder and wet, I'm struggling with getting out for a run


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