Another slow month with work and on the personal side of things again. I guess that's normal now that I'm not doing contract work, there's less going on.


  • Lots of small bug fixes and pixel wrangling ready for an internal launch of the project I've been working on. It slowed down after the launch, and we're now starting to focus on building new features again.


  • I created a books section on my website for me to keep track of books I've read. I deleted my Goodreads account a while back and have been using Bookwyrm to keep track, but I wanted to also have it on my own website as a backup.

  • Started creating a links section on my website as a place to hold all social links in order to only need one link to add to social-media sites - a bit like my own LinkTree.


  • I'm sure you're all aware of the chaos happening over at Twitter, it's difficult hearing about all the lay-offs and how that must be affecting those people and their families at a time like this.

  • I have now made mastodon my primary social network, I still have a Twitter account that I check occasionally, but everything is now being posted to the fediverse first then syndicated to twitter.

  • Something that made me smile I saw while Twitter’s new owner took over and the mass exodus happened was someone referring to him as Melon Husk 🤣

  • Expensive car month - needed a new tyre, new brake pads and brake discs. This is the first time since we've owned the car that we've needed to replace brakes so that's not bad going for 3 years. Not ideal spending just over £600, but we have a trip to Liverpool in November for a martial arts event, and it's a long drive for us, so we needed to make sure the car was safe to drive that distance.

  • In order to save money, we decided to attempt to lay/install the laminate wood flooring in our new loft rooms. We figured since the space is new it will be fairly straight and level, thus hopefully it will be easier to lay the flooring. This is the first time I've done this.

  • For the first time in my life, I was offered a flu jab 😬 - I guess now I'm considered old; now that I am 40 🤣

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