Another short notes post for this month. Been busy at my new permanent job at intelliflo - learning the ropes and how to be a permanent employee again. Plus freelance work. I've had my google free phone now for over a month and I finally got round to adding some new features to my website.


  • Finished and launched the new website. Designed in Sketch and built using 11ty and TailwindCSS. Some of the content will change once the app is launched
  • I continued working on the new Surbiton Tyre and Wheel website build after a long pause whilst I waited for the client to pay the next stage invoice and provide the content. I'm still waiting for content but have been able to continue creating templates ready for CMS implementation

Side Projects

Now that I have a permanent job again, my website is my new side project.

  • Finally got round to implementing webmentions on my website. This has been on my to-do list for a while now. It wasn't the easiest thing to implement and I wouldn't have managed it if it wasn't for all the people that have done this and shared their code
  • Something else that I've had on my to-do list for a while was re-doing my ServiceWorker script. The previous version had been on my website for a while and it was something I quickly knocked up when ServiceWorkers first came to my attention. But it wasn't clearing old caches so returning visitors weren't seeing my latest content and styling


  • I've now had my new phone for a month and also means I have been completely Google-free for that long. Its been an interesting journey and I need to write up a review of the Fairphone 3+ and my deep dive into being more privacy-aware and more deliberate about what data I share

🎧 Listening

📖 Reading

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