Not a lot happened in March which is not too bad, apart from the lack of work and downtime at work, which makes for a long and boring day. Continue working on a freelance website project. (Been a bit behind on my Monthly Notes)


  • Migrated a client's email hosting to a better host. I used to manage this client's email hosting when I had a reseller account with that host, but when I moved to Guru, my client wanted to stay. But they have had too many issues with that host that they wanted me to help them move to Krystal Hosting
  • Continued working on the Arrival Lift Services website - all content has now been added, just tweaking and minor fixes to go


  • I've had a lot of downtime at work due to broken local dev environment issues which have meant I could only work on the style guide - but there was only so much you can do


  • Someone recommended I see a Neuropath who may be able to help with the skin rash (food/gut related) I've now had for a few years. So I found one and I had my first appointment
  • Due to downtime at work and everything else I've been very unmotivated to do anything, even side projects
  • My middle child joined a football team and is now a registered player with The FA
  • Eldest child joined a basketball club briefly but she didn't like it that all they did was drills and didn't play any matches
  • My mother in law got covid but thankfully it didn't affect her too bad and she was back to normal after a week. It just meant I had to do a lot more diving our kids around to after school clubs

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