Wowsers January flew by. I started the year with a detox. Set a reading goal of ten books - I only managed four last year. I am planning on reading at least two articles a day and auto-tweet links to them.

I'm aiming to keep up with my monthly notes, as I only managed about six months last year. I plan on making these quicker to read and thus more of a short-form list notes instead - in the hopes it will also be quicker for me to get them written and posted.


  • Started working on a website redesign project for an existing client
  • Finished one-page website design and build for an exiting client using 11ty and TailwindCSS


  • Deleted hundreds of unread Instapaper articles - this is now an annual task as I save way more articles than I can read
  • To help combat the above issue I'm aiming to read two articles per day and I'm auto tweeting those read article links for some accountability
  • Updated the family Minecraft server to 1.18 and upgraded ram to the max of 16Gb. Also updated Java, which is always a bit of pain on Linux
  • Wrote and posted my 2021 year in review - late as usual
  • Did you know that when you turn forty you get a free NHS health check? No, I didn't either. Mine was ok, I expected worse
  • As part of me trying to figure out the cause of this skin rash I have (mentioned in my 2021 year in review post) I did a liver detox - cutting out alcohol, sugar and coffee - no difference to the rash or anything else
  • Our garden "entertainment area" (sheltered decking) - the structure is done and I now need to plan the kitchen I'm going to build in there (BBQ, Smoker & Pizza Oven)

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