Well, February was definitely an improvement for me. Better focused at work and actually got some work done. Started dating someone and it's going well. The house is now listed for sale and have got a mortgage in principle. Things are a lot better now.


  • Been re-designing a secure messaging UI to make it look more like a chat app. It has been a fun design ticket to work on, I'm now just going through feedback and making some changes.


  • We hired a contractor to finish the decoration of the newly converted loft. I also finished laying the laminate flooring in the other loft room.

  • The house was listed for sale towards the end of the month, but we've not had any viewings yet. We have now hired a second estate agent to market the house for sale, so hopefully we'll get some viewings soon.

  • My ex has now filled the paperwork for the divorce. It's all done online, and it has been reviewed, but now we have to wait until July when we'll be asked again to confirm both parties agree to the divorce.

  • I've started dating someone - it's all very new, but I've been really happy.

  • I have a mortgage offer in principle from two lenders and have found a house I like - just need to wait for someone to make an offer on my house, and then I will be in a better position to also make an offer

  • I'm also keen to change my car - my car was chosen by my ex and I don't really like the memories it comes with. Considering getting a Range Rover Velar.

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