Very short update for this month. Mostly personal updates, a lot of articles read and some freelance work. (Took me a while to get this posted.)


  • Continued work on the redesign and rebuild of the Arrival Lift Services website
  • Posted my January Monthly notes
  • Removed CMS from my website - I ran into an issue I couldn't resolve and support didn't get back to me. I only had a CMS to learn and test features for when using it with client websites


  • We got a new family pet - a 4 month old Doberman that we named Kobe - now our children are older it took a lot longer to choose a name everyone liked
  • After a lot of research we decided to get a Traeger BBQ and Smoker - its a pellet wood one and its a new concept for us, but we figure it would be cheaper to run, plus easy for both of us to use
  • Got round to setting up the fairy lights we bought in last years Amazon Prime Day sales in our outside entertainment area

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