February was quite a busy month work-wise. Finishing the Property with Prospect website as well as finishing and presenting the design for the new Surbiton Tyre and Wheels website.


First things first - I have some very exciting news to share - I have accepted a job offer for a permanent position as a frontend developer at a company called Intelliflo.

I was approached by the CTO at Intelliflo via LinkedIn - who asked me if I would consider going back to work with them but on a permanent basis.

I said I would only be able to consider it if the job was fully remote - after a few weeks and a few Zoom calls, they made me an offer that was hard to say no to.


Finished building the Property with Prospect website. I have enjoyed working with TailwindCSS and AlpineJS on this project.

I also ended up doing an extra template for this project that wasn't in the scope - we identified a need for a property details page for each property. This was something I mentioned to the client as it was another way of keeping visitors on the website for longer.

After the client agreed - I sketched it on paper and then jumped straight into code and built the property details template.

Finished the re-design for a new client website and we presented the finished design to the client over a Zoom meeting where my designer, Fern Taylor walked the client through the design and our decisions.

The client is really happy with the new design and we got the go-ahead to start building the new website.


  • I'm almost done with Gmail

    Spent a few hours this month going through my password manager and checking which websites/services still used my Gmail email address and either deleted the account or changed email addresses

  • Blocked Gmail on business domain name emails

    Finally got fed up with all the spam coming from @gmail.com addresses that I decided to block my email server from receiving emails from Gmail accounts. Drastic measures I know but it was needed.

  • Listed my car for sale

    Haven't used my car for about a year now since I've been working from home and also not leaving the house, I decided it was time to sell it. It's a great car but we have a family car and I don't need one right now. It has had 84 views but no interest so far

  • Using my new keyboard (ZSA Moonlander) all the time now

    I got my new keyboard delivered at the beginning of February and I didn't use it all the time, but then after the first week, I decided to put my old keyboard away and just use the Moonlander full time. It's going alright - but it's been a steep learning curve.

ZSA Moonlander keyboard
  • Snow days

    Our children enjoyed the few days of snow we got in February. I enjoyed watching them and our dog play in the snow. The dog especially as it was the first time he has seen snow. I also enjoyed a few days of drastically reduced vehicles going past our house as the only road in and out of our village was completely blocked by snowdrifts.

Our children ontop of a pile of snow

🎧 Listening

📖 Reading

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