Not a very busy month as the year comes to an end and things slow down ready for the Christmas break. Spent quite a bit of time working on improving my website by forcing myself to adhere to my strict Content Security Policies.


  • Finished building the homepage template for my clients' website redesign. This is my first project using TailwindCSS. Its been a great learning experience but I'm still not convinced TailwindCSS will replace Sass for me
  • Continued with my new contract at Defra as an interaction designer setting up a repository for components and page layouts used within internal systems


  • After applying quite a strict set of Content Security Policies to my website a few weeks ago and breaking images, inline CSS and JS - I spent a few hours making changes to my website to fix those issues and better comply with my CSP rules - blog post coming soon
  • Finally got round to changing my master branch on my websites repo to main - see this post by Scott Hanselman




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