Busy month adjusting to being a permanent employee again and finishing off freelance work. New de-googled Android mobile phone.


  • Got a new web design client - Gratuu.com have asked me to design and build them a brand new website

  • Added an update to a clients' podcast website to show episodes automatically when they publish them on Anchor.fm

  • Continued building the new Surbiton Tyres & Wheel website - all components have now been coded and styled, pages have been created. Waiting for the client to provide the content now

  • Started creating my own Eleventy + TailwindCSS website starter for building out websites quickly for clients with smaller budgets


  • I bought a new mobile phone. A Fairphone 3+ running a de-googled version of Android called /e/ OS - I'm planning on writing a review about the experience of switching to a de-googled phone properly and also using a Fairphone.

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